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Supported by a firm of auctioneers reinforced by more than 30 years of experience, Enchères VO specializes in the auction of second hand vehicles.
A real alternative to private sites and dealers, our auctions attract tens of thousands of people each year, in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille and throughout France via online sales.
Historically, hundreds of thousands of vehicles have already found buyers. And you, when do you live the auction experience?

6 car auctions per month, online or in the auction room

1500 seats
850 seats
600 seats
Unlimited places
Our auctions are aimed at both individuals and professionals looking for vehicles offering all the transparency they are entitled to expect.
100 %
technical inspection
Private tour
on-site or remotely

A unique experience, uncompromising guarantees

3 months warranty offered
An extended warranty for more peace of mind
Mileage consistency, equipment control, finish verification
Carried out by an independent specialized company

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Guarantee, insurance & administrative
Second hand vehicles
Online sales
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Are the vehicles presented guaranteed?
Enchères VO offers a 3-month warranty for all vehicles less than 10 years old and less than 160,000 km. This warranty covers the essential parts of the vehicle. In parallel, we offer a 12-month warranty extension with broader coverage, for 250 € TTC. More info in click here
And for vehicles that are not covered by the warranty?
These vehicles are sold under the traditional general conditions of sale of auctions, without warranty and as is. It is not possible to take out a warranty on these vehicles.
Will a vehicle purchased at auction be more complicated to insure?
Absolutely not! Whatever your vehicle, the insurance you choose will be based on the make, model, engine power, number of kilometers and a whole host of other criteria to offer you insurance that suits you.
Will I have an invoice after the purchase of my vehicle?
Of course, a nominative invoice will be sent to you at the time of the auction of the vehicle.
Are the technical controls up to date and exhaustive?
Perfectly! Although the technical inspection is not mandatory before the 4th anniversary of a vehicle, we even go beyond our obligations: all the vehicles presented on our sales are systematically passed by an independent center, according to the 133 points defined by the law.
Where do the vehicles you offer come from?
The vehicles presented at our auctions are of French origin, and come from car manufacturers, financial institutions (financing and litigation purposes, long-term leasing) or large fleets.
Do you have very low mileage vehicles?
Absolutely: the vehicles presented at our sales range from almost new (a few thousand or even a few hundred kilometers) to dammaged vehicles. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to find vehicles between 100,000 and 200,000 km, second hand vehicle requires!
What brands do you sell?
All brands are represented! Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Citroën, Volvo, Dacia, Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus... We offer second hand vehicles from all major car manufacturers.
If I like a vehicle, can I try it out?
Before each sale, you can book an online slot to visit the vehicle (via the detail sheet of the latter) or go the day before or the morning of a sale to have access to the vehicles of your choice. To do this, you just have to spot our charming red vests present everywhere on the park! However, you will not be able to drive with the vehicles.
Is it possible to trade-in my old vehicle?
Indeed, Enchères VO offers the recovery of your old vehicle. To do this, go to our page dedicated to the recovery of second hand vehicles to individuals and fill in the requested information in a few minutes (registration, photos, etc.): a trade-in offer will be sent to you in a few minutes by email and / or SMS!
How can I be sure that a vehicle is reliable?
Please note that all vehicles presented at our sales have passed through a systematic technical inspection. This TRQ is available on each of the online detail sheets, and on each windshield of the vehicles before the sale. It presents their possible minor and major failures. In addition, manufacturers warranties continue to follow the vehicles, a 3-month warranty is offered (vehicles less than 10 years old and less than 16,000 km) and a 12-month extension is offered for €250 including VAT.
How do I participate online?
To participate in one of our live sales, you must create your free account in a few minutes. Then, go to the detail sheet of the vehicle you are interested in to start making your offer before the sale. A bank imprint of 1000 € will be required to certify that you are able to finance the vehicle. When the live sale is launched, a notification will be sent to you: you will be able to bid live, at the same time as the live sale!
Why am I asked for a bank imprint of 1000 €?
Dont worry: no amount will be taken directly! This bank footprint simply assures us that you are not a robot and that you are able to win one or more vehicles. If you do not win any vehicles, no transactions will be made on your account.
Can I win several vehicles in the same sale?
If you wish, you can! On the other hand, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you can select a maximum limit of vehicle per sale from your My Account > Preferences section.
Do I bid at the same time as the people in the room?
Yes! Our live sales take place at the same time as our live sales. The audience in the room bids at the same time as the people connected on the live interface. The auctioneers on site make sure to make the link between the 2 channels.
Is it really possible to do good business?
The prices of our vehicles are systematically lower than the prices charged on the second-hand market. However, note that to the amount of the auction are added the sales fees (12% or 14%) + 100 € for the technical control and the administrative fees. While it is not uncommon to see vehicles sold with a value of 10 to 20% lower (including selling costs), it is not systematic. Auctions are governed by the law of supply and demand: the more you are to covet a vehicle at a given time, the less likely you will be to get this type of price!
What are the selling fees?
All prices are displayed including VAT. The only thing to be expected are the sales costs that apply to the hammer price: these costs can be at the standard rate (12% + 100 € for the technical inspection) or at the special rate (14.28% + 200 € for the administrative fees and the technical inspection). They are clearly displayed in the sales room, on the poster of each vehicle and on each detail sheet on our website.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept two payment methods: bank transfers or cashiers checks. To be picked up/delivered, vehicles must be fully adjusted. In the case of a cashiers check, you can pick up the vehicle the same day. In the case of a bank transfer (exception: instant transfer), make sure that the payment has been received by us before picking up your vehicle.
What does the letter(s) sometimes present after the number of the vehicles posted online mean?
These letters simply mean that the vehicle was added to the sale later. For nomenclature requirements with us, we opt for the addition of a letter to avoid a delay in the order of passage during the sale.